iart AI session and H3K ML workshop

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Main repository for the internal AI session @iart and the public H3K ML workshop.



  1. Slides for the ML workshop
  2. Slides for the internal presentation at iart


The sample folder contains different examples:


System requirement

Modern machine with decent hardware and sufficient space on the hard drive (20+ Gb)


We are using Runway, a tool which makes deploying ML models easy, as middleware to build the interactive experiments. All participants to the workshop should have received an invitations with some GPU credits :tada:. For those who have not installed it prior to the workshop, we will go through the installation process together.


Docker is needed in order to deploy some of the models locally. This will give us some flexibility when running experiments locally. It will also allow us to chain models (at the moment a user can only run one model instance using the provided cloud GPU in Runway). A guide to getting started is available. For linux users, those post install steps could be useful as well.

Docker for Windows requires Microsoft Hyper-V, which is supported only in the Pro, Enterprise or Education editions of Windows. If you don’t have a Pro, Enterprise or Education Windows edition you will not be able to install Docker and you will be able to only run some models using cloud GPU.


We will use p5.js for the front end. It’s a high level creative programming framework with an intuitive API. If some of you have used Processing before you should be confortable using p5.js. To get familiar with p5 you can go through this list of tutorials / guides:

Code editor

If you don’t have a code editor, please install one. Some suggestions (in no particular order)

Web server

We need a simple web server to run the experiments locally. Some suggestions

References / Reading list

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